Hey kiddo!

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Been some time, Kara.



I wasn’t lecturing you, Hal. 

Sure as hell sounds like a lecture.

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"Oh yeah, trust me I remember those days fondly…." he laughs. "Who really cares about staring at starved, emaciated women in bikinis anyhow?"

"Who cares—?" Hal leans in close to his friend, narrowing his eyes, "sometimes I wonder about you, Barry."


"Well I’m definitely not jealous of California. You’ve got sand, the stink of the ocean, and it’s far too hot."

"The ocean smells great, and you’ve got babes running around bikinis! That’s where Bay Watch comes from. You know how much I love Bay Watch."



She pouted, “Simba an’ Nala dont,”

Who? Oh, those lions from—okay, okay, you got me, Lian.

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"Yeah, yeah. You’re just jealous."

"Jealous of miles of wheat, smell of animal crap in the morning, and no sun? Oh yeah, I’m real jealous of that. California can’t compare to that.”


"Just what a Midwesterner always wants to hear."

"You’re the one who said it."

I will never censor my muse.
—Just because a character says or believes in something does not mean that the person behind the scenes believes the same. (via guilty-beautiful-lover)

Glad I chose to drop by Gotham tonight.

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